Top 5 Sailing Video Blogs

Sailing around the world

First of all, very happy new year 2017!

We all have New Year´s resolutions and new projects and challenges in mind for the upcoming year. Is one of these new projects about selling everything to start a sailing trip all around the world? During the last years an increasing number of video-blogs is populating internet. People who decided to leave their lives on Earth to go to the Sea and sail around the world is telling the experience and recording all the different places visited aiming to make some money to keep on funding their adventure.

Thanks to these video blogs we may evade the cold winter nights and move for a moment to remote places where the sun shines, there are delightful beaches and crystal clear waters. At MWM we have selected our top 5 preferred video blogs, and for those who don´t intend to sail non-stop all around the year we offer charter boats for weeks... to let you have a taste of the sailing live!

TOP 5: Sophisticated Lady

We can´t categorize Rick yet, the adventurous entrepreneur behind this history, either the other crew members that you may see in their episodes.

  • What we like the most: Professional quality of the videos and good life in the Caribbean.
  • What we like the less: It looks like there is no defined route and no objective

TOP 4: Sailing Nandji

This is an odd couple, well, a strange trio formed by an Australian skinny rasta, a voluptuous lady and a dog who have decided to move from his campervan to live in a sailboat.

  • What we like the most: They are rustic and authentic, possibly the lowest budget when started the adventure. Good underwater films.
  • What we like the less: Rastas + dog + small boat may turn into a new ecosystem  

TOP 3: Ran Sailing Sweden

A Swedish couple tired of cold and winter darkness who has decided to sail around the world on board a 40 feet aluminum vessel. 

  • What we like the most: Polity, smiling and good sailors. The freshness of their videos.
  • What we like the less: There isn´t anything we don´t like. With time they may be on the top of our ranking. 

TOP 2: Sailing the Vagabonde

During a long time they were our preferred ones. They started their trip without being in a sailing boat before and their new universe was so big that it was interesting to see how they managed to solve all the problems

  • What we like the most: We like him, we like her, we like plans always working out.
  • What we like the less: The commercials have replaced their freshness. 

TOP 1: Sailing SV Delos

Probably they were the first thematic videoblog of people travelling around the world

  • What we like the most: They have been sailing around the world for many years. Their videos are very didactic to understand all the difficulties and dangers you are exposed to when living on a sailboat. They are a good travel guide and he is a good sailor.
  • What we like the less: Everybody likes partying, but they like it more than anyone else.


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